The Bluff PCI Project

The Bluff Coal Project is a small truck and excavator operation, with a 1.2Mt per year output of PCI coal for use in iron manufacturing.

Project Overview

From the early days of exploration and licence acquisition in 2011 and through to the present day, the aspirations of this project have been to produce the very highest quality PCI coal, landing the benefits squarely in the lap of local Central Queenslanders.

Construction of the mine began in 2018, with first coal expected by mid-2019. Coal will be processed initially at nearby Cook Colliery and then transported via train to RG Tanna Coal Terminal for export. We plan to build a dedicated CHPP in several years’ time.

The nearby Township of Bluff has a long legacy of supporting the Central Queensland mining and rail industries and the Bluff PCI management team intend to build upon this history. Since our very first community meeting in May 2013, we are proud to have been working with the Bluff community towards the success of the project.

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About Bluff PCI Management

Bluff PCI Management is a wholly owned subsidiary of Carabella Resources, the
owner of the Bluff Coal Project. In 2014, Wealth Resources, a leading private
investment company headquartered in Sydney acquired Carabella Resources. The company has extensive experience in natural resources investment.

The Bluff PCI Management team has broad experience in Bowen Basin construction
and operation of coal mines over the last 30 years. The team was handpicked to
develop and establish a successful operation at Bluff.

About MACA Mining

MACA Mining has been appointed from September 2018 to December 2028 as the coal mine operator at the Bluff Coal Project. MACA manage all day to day operations, from the coalface through to delivery for processing at Cook Colliery.

MACA manages contractor services throughout Australia and Brazil specialising in mining and mineral processing. With the support of employees, suppliers and otherstakeholders, MACA makes active contributions to the community and region.

MACA’s management systems are certified to the following standards:

  • – Environmental Management System – ISO 14001:2015
  • – Occupational Health and Safety Management System – AS/NZS 4801:2001
  • – Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2015

The Project is now fully ramped up to a workforce of 144. Importantly, MACA has employed more than 25% of the workforce from the local Bluff/Blackwater region, with zero labour hire employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find more information in the Bluff PCI Project Fact Sheets

What is PCI Coal?

PCI Coal is a type of metallurgical coal used for making steel with the Pulverized Coal Injection (PCI) process. PCI involves firstly processing the coal into fine grades, then blowing fine granules of coal into the blast furnace so that the production of metallic iron is speeded up. This reduces the need for coking coal and the result is that energy use and steel manufacturing emissions are reduced.

Where is the mine’s workforce coming from?

The mine’s total production workforce is 144. To date, more than 25% of employees live in Bluff or Blackwater. The remainder drive in from around Central Queensland. There are zero labour hire employees.

What is your policy on community support?

Once production commences, the Bluff PCI Management team are looking forward to supporting local and regional community and sporting groups and building strong community links.

Will the Bluff community be affected by mine activity?

As with all Queensland coal mines, the Bluff Coal Project has strict environmental licence criteria governing the way we operate. We realise that our site activities have the potential to cause community disruption, and so we are committed to managing these issues and remaining open and transparent.

To ensure compliance with our State and Commonwealth approvals, Bluff PCI Management has engaged independent accredited experts to continuously monitor air, noise, dust and vibrations associated with mine activities.

Where will the mine water come from?

The company has agreements to use recyclable water at the site, sourced from excess water from dewatering activities at nearby mines. The Bluff Project has a number of water storage dams on site, these include clean water dams, mine affected water dams and sedimentation dams. Importantly the mine and the mine does not draw water from any community supply or potable water pipelines.