Media Statement: Bluff PCI Project Haulage


Following the Morning Bulletin’s article on Friday 22 March, Bluff PCI Management (a wholly owned subsidiary of Carabella Resources) is happy to set the record straight on the following facts regarding the Bluff PCI Project.

We have made a clear and continuing commitment to be open and transparent with the community surrounding our project, which includes both Bluff and Blackwater residents. Our most recent community meeting to update the community on our progress was held on Tuesday 19 March and was open to all local residents, including those from Blackwater. This is the latest in a series of community engagement efforts dating back to 2013, when the mine was first proposed.

Firstly, at full operation, the mine’s haulage of coal will increase traffic on the Capricorn Highway by around 50-60 truck round trips per day, falling significantly short of the ‘200 trucks’ figure reported this week.

According to 2017 Department of Transport and Main Roads traffic data, heavy vehicle movements constitute 20.19% of movements along the Capricorn Highway. Our proposed traffic impact (including transporting project personnel, materials and equipment, which may not necessarily impact Blackwater) is expected to increase existing traffic movements by less than 2% per day through Bluff, and even less through Blackwater.

Given that the roads in question are all part of the Queensland state-controlled road network, the Bluff PCI Project was required to submit a Road Impact Assessment Report to the Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) as part of the approval process.  A Road Use Notification pursuant to Division 2 of the Mineral and Energy Resources (Common Provisions) Act 2014 was also made. This application included notice that the Project intended to undertake notifiable road use on State Controlled Roads commencing from March 2019. Approval for Haulage was received from DTMR in December 2018, and this approval also includes a contribution for increased maintenance as a result of the haulage, as would apply to any similar project in resources or otherwise.

Secondly, the arrangement between Bounty Mining and Bluff PCI Management (two separately owned and managed entities) is a temporary one, increasing cooperation between mines in the Bowen Basin.

The coal from the Bluff PCI Project will be transported to Bounty Mining’s Cook Colliery for processing and then direct rail transport to Gladstone. This is in line with the 2-year contract signed between Bluff and Bounty.

The Bluff PCI Project is here for the long term and are proud to be taking a locals-first approach to employment in our operations, with more than 25% of our employees living locally in Bluff or Blackwater and contributing to the local economy.

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